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For years I have been searching for the perfect soccer ball as if I was searching for the fountain of youth.  It seems that it is absolutely impossible to find a quality ball that won’t leave your wallet empty.  I have purchased and used soccer balls varying from different brands and different costs.  For years I sought to find a soccer ball that satisfied my desire for quality and for price.  It wasn’t until I found a soccer ball made by Mitre, this soccer ball, in my opinion, is comparable to larger name brand match quality balls such as: Nike, Adidas, and Select (that are priced near $150).

The Mitre Rogue Hyperseam Match Ball is in my experience the highest quality and best-priced soccer ball on the market today.  I have found that it’s weight, material, air travel, and the ability to keep air is the same as an overpriced professional match ball.  So now… you must be asking….how much does this Mitre ball cost?  Just $20!!!!  Never in my life have I came across a soccer ball that is so affordable but also so good.  Since finding this soccer ball and taking it through the wringer I have purchased many of these balls.  So where do you find these soccer balls?  Believe it or not, these balls can be found at Walmart.com.  Before you go out buying this ball I found something interesting.  Just yesterday Walmart stocked this ball in the color black.  There is no difference between the white version and the black version.  However, the white version is $20 and the black is $80.  I personally care more about the quality than the color, so I would for sure go for the white and save yourself $60 a ball. 

Here is the link for the white ball: White Ball $20

Here is the link for the black ball: Black Ball $80