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Team sports are often frustrating but they are also very rewarding. Being a part of a team with a coach at the helm will either lead to greatness or failure. Most soccer players go season after season without talking with their coach one on one. Why is this? For most young players it all comes down to being shy and passive. Little do they no, however, is that most often than not their coach can be a key factor in team and player success. After many years of playing experience, these are my top five questions that every player should ask their coach.

  1. What are my weakest areas as a player?
  2. What is my role/duty on this team?
  3. What connections do you have to help me get recruited?
  4. Who could I help improve their game?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for private training?

Coaches love players who are upfront, honest, humble, and hungry. Asking coaches one on one questions, like the ones above, will give you a greater sense of what your role is on the team, what you need to improve on, and gain connections to help you get recruited and better your skills.

At Saint George Soccer Skills we have found that players who ask questions to their coach or trainer, grow at a much faster rate than those that don't. Get curious, ask questions, and TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL.