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Although most of the time we don't put much thought into what goes in to our bodies; the affect that our food has on our performance is quite substantial. Your body works just as a machine does. If a machine does not have any fuel or does not have the right kind of fuel, it will cease to function properly.

Most of the time; however, we don't realize the influence that our food has on us. We go from training to training and game to game without ever changing our high sugar-low nutrient diets. It wasn't until I started to change my diet, that I realized the difference it made in my game. I noticed that I had more energy and it didn't take as long to recover after a hard soccer training.

So what should I eat before and after your training? To sustain high energy during your next game or training try eating a high carbohydrate meal 24 hours beforehand and eat fruits within the last few hours of your match. The carbs and fructose will give you sustained energy and quickly metabolized energy to ensure that you will continue to feel energetic throughout the whole game or training. When you finish your workout, it is important that your next meal contains high protein so that your body can properly heal the damage that you caused to your muscles.

Next time you book a private soccer lesson, be sure to eat right to get the most out of your training.

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